An ethical and sustainable fashion brand looking to extend their appeal and reach to a younger audience to grow the business.

Brand strategy / Identity / Photography / Copywriting / Art direction / Print / Website design / Packaging / PR

Established in 2006, Aspiga was one of the first fashion brands that produced and sourced their products from ethical and sustainable manufacturers. The owner, Lucy Macnamara went on holiday to Kenya and was awestruck by the artistry and craftsmanship that she discovered – delicate, hand-beaded sandals, intricately adorned belts, beautiful, bright jewellery were all being hand made by local people. Aspiga was set up to share these ‘work of arts’ with the world and to help stimulate the economies of the talented artisans. The initial product range of sandals and jewellery has expanded to their own fashion label designing and manufacturing clothing, bags, accessories and promoting other small fashion brands who share their ethos.

The fashion world moves with great pace and change, with most brands following industry trends. Younger audiences are far more environmentally and ethically aware, allowing their values to inform their buying choices – many brands have reacted to the shift in attitude by audiences and are championing being environmentally and ethically responsible. Aspiga, whilst being one of the first responsible brands, wasn’t telling their story and with only incremental changes to the look and feel since its launch, the brand was looking outdated and largely attracting an older audience which was inhibiting growth.

Aspiga approached Felt to update and bring greater relevance to the brand to increase and widen their audience appeal. Starting at the beginning of their story we evolved the visual language to echo the Kenyan roots with a brand identity that has a hand crafted, African feel, the colour palette we changed from a corporate blue to an organic, neutral palette, photography we evolved the styling to simplify backgrounds and allow the products to hero the images. Telling their story we created a structure around 3 key drivers – People, Planet and Positive Change, which allowed the depth of their ethos and the influence it has over their process and decision making to be told. The new visual language and story we worked the internal team to roll out across their online presence, print collateral, packaging and PR.




Sector: Fashion

Services: Brand strategy / Identity / Photography / Copywriting / Art direction / Print / Website design / Packaging / PR